In partnership with the Mayor's Office of Tech and Innovation and MKTG INC, Warby Parker presents HudsonHack: NYC Intern Edition—a 24-hour hackathon created specifically for tech interns in New York City.

As the premier destination for engineering organizations in the world, New York City has developed a well-known knack for collaboration (and friendly competition)—and HudsonHack plans on showcasing that to the fullest. This event will be the first of its kind, bringing the next generation of technology leaders together to celebrate the power of tech and innovation across the city.

Throughout the experience, you and 200 interns will have an opportunity to compete against each other (independently or with a team—both are welcomed) in hopes of building industry-changing products. While facing off, interns will have access to one-on-one advice from world-class engineers, plus the ability to use state-of-the-art APIs and data as foundation for their ideas. And in true Warby Parker fashion, participants can also look forward to a few unexpected twists along the way. (Watch out!)

Hackathon Sponsors


$750 in prizes

Gold Ipad Mini + 15K AWS Activate Credits + Special NYC Experience

Amazon Echo + 10K AWS Activate Credits + Special NYC Experience

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Minerva Tantoco

Minerva Tantoco

Shelley Leibowitz

Shelley Leibowitz
Board Member of E*Trade. Former CIO of WorldBank and Morgan Stanley.

Alan Wade

Alan Wade
Startup Advisor and Board Member

Judging Criteria

  • Social Good
    What is the positive impact your project has on the world? Does the project solve any problems put forth by our nonprofit partners or aim to help them in any way?
  • Usefulness
    How important is the problem that’s being addressed? How well does this project solve the problem? How is the solution better than what’s in the market already?
  • Usability/Design
    Are the design and interface intuitive? If someone else had the same idea, what differentiates this implementation? How user-centric is this project?
  • Completeness
    How close is the work to a complete project?

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